Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sally Beauty Supply Coupon

I was so excited when I went through my mail today! I got a 20% off coupon. 20% off my ENTIRE purchase at Sally Beauty Supply! There are also many things that are on sale right now. And of course the lower price for Beauty Club members. Buy the $5 membership. It is worth it! You get lower prices, coupons, and essentially it pays for itself.

I am thinking about stocking up on some nail polish, eyeshadow, and maybe some hair products. I really need a new brush. My poor hair can also use a good deep conditioner. The heat is killing me and my hair. And I am still looking for some good hot rollers. It has been 2 years since my favorite ones died. Maybe even a flat iron. My current one is beginning to die! I might wait until they have a sale at Trade Secret. I like the brands there a bit more.

Did I mention? I got a gift card for Sally Beauty Supply back in March. And I still haven't used it. It was a birthday gift. Essentially, I have $200 of play money. This could be the time to do some shopping!




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  1. Nice post.!! I love to get beauty products from Sally Beauty and always prefer to use coupon codes while check out.